About us


Guest House 4 vodenice Brzeće is a catering facility designed to provide the highest quality accommodation, preparation and serving of food, drinks and beverages.
With its 38 beds distributed in 10 accommodation units, with all the accompanying facilities, it provides maximum comfort for all users of our services.
In addition to the accommodation, there is a local cuisine restaurant where the best dishes from these areas are prepared and served.
The geographical location of Brzeće, on the slopes of the Kopaonik ski center, provides ideal conditions for the development of winter tourism.
In the summer, Brzeće is a true oasis of clean air, and provides ideal conditions for the preparation of sports teams.
Kopaonik itself is very rich in cultural and historical monuments and offers various tours and tours of all the sights of our mountain beauty.
For your comfortable stay, our team is made up of people with extensive experience in the field of tourism.




Traditional Serbian barbecue is one of the most popular dishes in this area. Quality grilled meat spiced with the finest spices is a real treat for all real gourmets. Our team of chefs, trained in rich culinary experience, handles every order as professionally as possible to give their guests a comfortable stay in our restaurant.


Grilled trout is the right choice for all lovers of fish specialties. High-quality, protein-rich foods allow the chef to get the most out of the meal, and with good preparation and selection of quality foods, every guest can enjoy every serving.


4 Vodenice Brzece